DHA is the most abundant essential fatty acid in the brain and retina. It comprises 40% of the PUFAs in the brain and 60% of PUFAs in the retina. About 50% of the weight of the neuron's plasma membrane is composed of DHA. The recent past has seen a surge in promotion of DHA as food additive. Its importance in healthcare has been ever increasing. Bioplus manufactures DHA by vegetative fermentation using microalgae:

  • BioDHA algal Powder
  • BioDHA algal oil

The major applications of BioDHA include – food ingredients in beverages, chocolates, ice creams, bakeries, yogurt and infant food.

What is Algal DHA?

Algal DHA, a vegetarian, sustainable and highly stable algal Omega-3 DHA produced from the microalgae Schizochytrium. Although fish oil is well known for having a high content of EPA and DHA, micro algae is the original source of marine omega-3. Algal DHA is the DHA in Algal oil that is derived directly from algae. It is fish free, fermented and extracted under a strict controlled environment from start-to-finish. 100% vegetarian suitable for vegans, non-GMO, free from allergens. This oil contains DHA, which accounts for 97 percent of the omega-3 fats in the brain.

Why algal DHA?

algal dha

Fish get their source of Omega 3 DHA from Marine Algae which can be a source of many contamination and may be poisonous for consumption can cause Burp and fishy after taste. Algal-oil DHA represent a safe and convenient source of non-fish-derived DHA which requires simple processing as it is a direct source from Algae. Algal DHA is relatively safe as the toxicological studies shows no genotoxic or teratogenic data and has no effect on reproductive parameters. It is free from the contamination of Mercury, sea contaminants and other heavy metals. Safety assessment of micro algae DHA comes under Noel Food Standards. Fish oil DHA is prone to oxidation but the algal DHA is stable as it contains natural antioxidants.

Why DHA?

DHA is the omega-3 fatty acids. The benefits of omega-3 fatty acids have been well-researched and established. DHA is an important brain nutrient, supports brain development and function, supports cognitive development, may support normal cognitive function throughout life, supports a healthy heart, a heart-healthy nutrient, retinal development and function, supports visual development, supports visual function. They’re known for being anti-inflammatory agents, and they help the body reduce blood clots. The inclusion of plentiful DHA in the diet improves learning ability, whereas deficiencies of DHA are associated with deficits in learning.