Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS)

From concept to logistics, our product development capability and global market knowledge gives us a long-term sustainable advantage. Our Bangalore facility complies with EU current Good Manufacturing Practices.

We maintain strict quality control to guarantee our customers a reliable supply of consistently high-quality products and excellent value for money. At the same time, it means we have structured our entire organization to keep the entire supply chain in our own control – from product research and development to manufacturing. Our facilities operate as per Good Manufacturing Practices:

  • The company is managed by experts on all relevant regulations and compliance processes. Your benefit–absolute product safety and guaranteed quality
  • Our compliance specialists adjust the product development process to meet the applicable regulations. Their intimate knowledge of the legal framework in your target market gives you a decisive competitive advantage. Your benefit – Guaranteed approval of your product (where applicable)
  • Highly qualified experts in all positions ensure feasible and efficient solutions on every level of the process. Your benefit – Short time-to market and maximum sales potential at minimum cost for an outstanding return on investment

tablets and capsules

Tablets Capsules

IR/ SR Formulations, Effervescent Tablets & Bilayer Tablets

High  Potency Tablets

High Potency Tablets



Ointment, Cream, Balm & Gel

New  Drug Discovery & Safety

New Drug Discovery & Safety

Liposomes, Gastro Retentive Drug delivery & Liquid filled capsules / Soft Gels

New  Drug Discovery & Safety


Sachets, Concentrates, Plant-based Protein Powders

New  Drug Discovery & Safety

Effervescent Tablets

Supplements, OTC Pharmaceuticals

New  Drug Discovery & Safety


Oral Solution, Suspension, Powder for Oral suspension (PFOS), Emulsion, Oral Drops


Over 2 billion tablets produced annually
  • Full range of shapes and sizes available
  • Compression capabilities accommodate all types of material
  • Film coating available in clear and custom made colors
  • Chewable tablet technology available
  • Timed released manufacturing capabilities
  • In-house film coating technology
  • Over 2 billion tablets produced annually


  • BioDHA
  • Soya protein shakes
  • Sachets
  • Concentrates

All of the above are available in low or high-dose formulations, supplied in bulk or pre-packaged in bottles, jars or blisters to your specifications.


Powder and pellet fill capabilities
  • Powder and pellet fill capabilities
  • Accommodate small orders as low as 1,00,000 capsules
  • Wide variety of colors and sizes available
  • Time release

Creams and Gels

Creams & Gels - Natural formulas
  • Natural formulas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Jar or tube packing