1 Isolation of PUFA by Affinity Chromatography PCT/IN08/00595
2 Dendritic macromolecule process PCT/IN07/344
3 Substituted cyclopropane intermediate for synthesis of Pregabalin PCT/IN08/00669
4 Purification of Super Coiled Plasmid DNA PCT/IN09/00558
5 Sustained Release Drug Delivery system PCT/IN09/00562
6 Purification & Assay of Topoisomerases PCT/IN09/00561
7 Methods & Kits for permeabilization by TPP PCT/IN09/00560
8 Enzyme Alcohol Dehydrogenase for conversion of Glycerol to Glyceraldehyde PCT/IN09/00559
9 Lactic Acid Glycogen Vaginal Capsule 394/MUM/2009
10 Fermentation - DHA novel methods PCT/IN2010/000108
11 MicroRNA - Diabetes mellitus 2157/MUM/2008
12 Gene silencing by hybrid RNA:DNA 2162/MUM/2008
13 Para Amino Benzoic Acid Nanotubes PCT/IN2010/443
14 Dimethyl Quinine salt and regioselective synthesis of Pregabalin 2908/MUM/2009
15 High Purity PUFA by Cu complexation 2155/MUM/2009
16 Carrier based Nanogel formulation PCT/IN2011/0130
17 DHA Emulsion Number yet to receive

Solo Patents

1 An improved process for producing chlorinated sucrose (0064) PCT/IN06/0064
2 An improved process for producing chlorinated sucrose (000142)a PCT/IN06/00142
2a An improved process for producing chlorinated sucrose (000142) Divisional amorphous form specification PCT/IN06/00142 (divisional amorphous form)
3 Reduced Calorie Sweetener composition PCT/IN05/253
4 Salt assisted Selective Extraction of TGS PCT/IN05/408
5 Control of pH by addn. of Carb & Bicarb PCT/IN05/407
6 TGS chromatography - Silanized Silica gel PCT/IN05/409
7 Co-addition of Chlorinating reagent PCT/IN05/434
8 Tin Mediated Regioselective Acylation PCT/IN06/00057
9 Molecular Separation for Removal of DMF PCT/IN06/00058
10 PCl5 +POCl3 - Combined Chlorination PCT/IN06/00151
11 Triphosgene – Chlorination PCT/IN06/00152
12 Purification of TGS by Solvent Extraction PCT/IN06/00181
13 DMF removal by Silanized Silica gel (Original title: Method for purification of chlorinated sucrose derivatives from reaction mixture by chromatography) PCT/IN07/187
14 Removal of Pyridine Analogs PCT/IN06/326
15 Direct extraction & Evaporative removal of DMF PCT/IN06/00328
16 Extrn. Of 6-acyl TGS from Reaction mass (Original title: Novel method of extraction of 6-O-Protected trichlorogalactose from the chlorinated mass) PCT/IN06/00329
17 TGS Isolation by Affinity Chromatography PCT/IN06/00327
18 Use of Acid Scavangers in TGS Chlorination PCT/IN06/00383
19 S-6-A by Whole cell Biocatalysis PCT/IN06/00384
20 Enzymatic Deacylation of TGS-6-acetate PCT/IN06/00385
21 TGS-6-acetate from anhydrous reaction mass PCT/IN06/00386
22 Acid mediated deacylation of TGS-6-acetate PCT/IN06/00424
23 Enzymatic production of S-6-A PCT/IN06/00478
24 Chlorination using Thionyl Chloride PCT/IN07/00076
25 Crystallization methods & Amorphous forms PCT/IN07/00118
26 Continuous equipment for Quenching PCT/IN07/00150
27 Recovery of DMF from resin process PCT/IN07/00197
28 Decolorization by Ozonization PCT/IN08/00006